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Billy Joe Shaver Special

Earlier this year, I did an intense interview with Texas legend Billy Joe Shaver. We talked about his new Live at Billy Bob’s album, his son Eddie and he shared many stories about his life in music. On a special show airing Dec 23-29, I’ll be re-running the interview itself, along with a number of cuts from his albums – some rare. I always start every radio show with a Billy Joe Shaver song & cover many of his works when I perform. “You Ask Me To” is featured on my Like A Phoenix Album and Bonus Track on my Thunder album.

Like many others, I discovered his music through Waylon Jennings, who recorded an entire album of his songs on my favorite album of ALL time, Honky Tonk Heroes.  I later delved into more of music. One of my favorite memories of discovering songs of his I had never heard before is when I stayed with my friend and brother in music, Bert David Newton, and his wife Suzie in Alabama so Bert and I could do a show there together. In the morning after the show, we sat around their living room listening to every Billy Joe Shaver album ever made. (Bert & Billy Joe are good friends and recorded together – listen to their version of Mothertrucker HERE.)

I ♥ Billy Joe Shaver. I hope you’ll join me in a show celebrating the man and his music.



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